How to Fold Geometry in SketchUp Pro for More Masterful Modeling

Free Video Tutorial

This quick educational video helps you learn folding geometry in SketchUp Pro for a more masterful. Folding may be necessary when you want to create more advanced geometry like a sofa leg. The leg may be wider at the bottom than the top. In other programs, this is often called blending, where you blend one shape gradually into another.

This is a handy function when creating more advanced geometry; however, it takes patience to get it done correctly.

5 Steps to Folding Geometry in SketchUp Pro

Step 1: Move into the top view and draw the bottom shape.

Step 2: Use the offset tool to create the top shape you want to fold or blend into.

Step 3: Select the top shape, then select the move command, then left-click on your top shape, but do not move your mouse yet.

Step 4:  Click the up arrow on your keyboard.

Step 5: Move in the direction in which you want the top shape to move. Once you have reached the location, then left-click and hit the spacebar to get out of the command.

Four SketchUp Pro Tips on Folding Geometry

  1. Always start your geometry in Top view to ensure you are drawing on the correct plane.
  2. Be sure not to move the top geometry until you hit the up arrow on your keyboard. Remember the up arrow represents the blue axis.
  3. If your geometry doesn’t fold the first time, don’t stress; just select undo or control z on your keyboard, and then try it again.
  4. To ensure the correct height, you can type in the exact measurements as you move the top shape.

Ten Items you can Create by Folding Geometry in SketchUp Pro

  1. Cabinet door detail
  2. Interior and exterior doors
  3. Furniture Legs
  4. Newels and posts
  5. Light fixtures
  6. Tiny, detailed items
  7. Ottomans and other furniture pieces
  8. Toys
  9. Décor and Accessories
  10. Plant Stands

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