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revit training for interior designers

Interactive Revit Training Course for Interior Designers

Cost: $795 - Limited Registration

If you are tired of not being able to make simple changes in Revit or feel your co-workers are frustrated with you because you can’t use Revit, this is your opportunity to finally learn it. This is a digital Revit training course like no other. Entirely online, with a live interactive trainer, you will be able to not only learn Revit but be able to show your team that you are a Revit rock star. Get started today by reserving your spot.

In this course, you will learn...

  • Revit Interface and navigation
  • Basic modeling including wall basics, doors, windows
  • Create a floor plan with annotations for construction
  • Create a finish plan including schedules, legends, and notes
  • Create a reflected ceiling plan including annotation, schedule, legend and notes
  • Create a custom title block, add views to sheets, and organize
  • Print to PDF and export 3D images for presentations and Photoshop

This course is designed for an interior designer to move through the content at their own pace; however, it also comes with 60 days of live interactive training support with our trainer. Designed for all learning styles, this course is guaranteed to get you working in Revit in no time.

Reserve your spot today, spots are limited.

Class Starts August 1, 2020