Our Revit Drafting Process

Before you hire a full-time Revit drafter, why not consider contract help from GA Interior Solutions. Our Revit support team will help with drafting professional and detailed drawings from schematic design to construction documents. Whether you need additional Revit drafting support or just someone to complete the drawings for you, GAI supports both interior designers and architects with local Revit expertise.

How Our Revit Drafting Support Works.

When you hire GA Interior Solutions, we become an extension of your design team. We can work within your Revit central file by logging into your network as if we were an employee. Or we work through a collaboration set that can easily link into your central Revit file. Our designer will work closely with your design team by attending team meetings and providing constant communication and updates.

Quality Assurance for Revit Drawings.

We do not outsource your drawings. Our team manages all Revit drafting work in-house. GA Interior Solutions has set a strict quality assurance process in place to ensure your drawings are complete and detailed. We work in project management software to ensure we meet deadlines.

How We Work at GA Interior Solutions.

GA Interior Solutions sets up a project management plan that includes review dates and final dates at the beginning of a project. We work closely with your design team to ensure all drawings are completed and submitted by the deadlines set forth. Internally, we work closely with our team to do an internal review before we submit drawings to you. The GA Interior Solutions team will provide you an updated set or progress status every week or as needed per your schedule.

How We Get Paid.

We primarily work on a contract-to-contract basis, although we are available for one-off hourly support projects. GA Interior Solutions will work with you to identify your needs for a particular project and identify all steps and deadlines. A time projection and cost analysis are created for your approval. Once a contract is signed, we will bill you monthly for the progress.

GA Interior Solutions Projects.

Check out our project portfolio. We have worked with several designers and architects to create drawings for a variety of projects. From aviation to education and tenant-finish to new construction, we can help you with your project.