3D Modeling & Revit Drafting Support for Designers

Revit Drafting

Using Revit, GA Interior Solutions creates professional, detailed drawings that will clearly communicate your design intent. From schematic design through construction documents, our experienced team works with designers and architects to ensure drawings are done correctly, precisely and on time.

3D Modeling & Renderings

Nothing helps the client visualize a space better than a 3D model or rendering. It allows the client to step in and experience the finished space before the work begins. GA Interior Solutions uses SketchUp, SU Podium and Enscape to create realistic models that will convey your beautifully designed recommendations.

Design Assistance

Everyone needs a helping hand at times. But you don’t necessarily have the money for a full time or even part-time designer to assist. GA Interior Solutions can help by providing you design assistance when and where you need it.

local Revit drafter

Local Revit Drafting Support.

The ebb and flows of this industry can make it difficult to maintain the right mix of expertise on staff. Additionally, today’s tight workforce market makes it even harder to find solid Revit professionals.

We have built an alternative to hiring onsite staff for drafting.

GA Interior Solutions helps you meet tight deadlines, work less overtime, and exceed client expectations with a reliable and experienced Revit drafters. We are building a local team that helps small firms during periods of busy times.

Don’t have the expertise on staff, no worries. GA Interior Solutions can help.

No need to go through the extremely lengthy process of hiring or worry about paying salary and benefits to a full-time person. Our resources are available when you need them. Paid either on an hourly cost or on a set project amount, your assigned drafter will work as an extension of your team.

Want to hear more? Contact us today or read more on our process.

Photo-Realistic 3D Models

With 3D model renderings communicating your design intent has never been easier. Often, designers find themselves in a presentation trying to convince a client to spend a great deal of money on the designer’s ideas, yet the client “doesn’t get it” or struggles visualizing the intent. What better way to convince your client than to show a photo realistic rendering of how the space will look and feel once the project is completed.
Once a 3D model is created, photo-realistic renderings can help the client visualize the space with furniture and finishes. GAI works with designers to create the model complete with lighting, furniture, and finishes. You can even “try on” several different design ideas. Then, GAI creates renderings that look like photos, perfect for presentation materials.
Communicating your design intent with 3D models can save you time and money.
Don’t have the expertise on staff, no worries. GAI can help. Learn more about our process and how we can help you build confidence with your client.

3D Photo-Realistic Rendering

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