SketchUp Training for Interior Designers

Imagine sitting across from a client, and feeling a bit nervous about the finish samples spread out across the table. Will they get the design concept, see your vision, jump on board. It can feel awkward to share your vision and persuade someone to say yes. With SketchUp Pro, you can help the client visualize how the space is going to feel. Rather than just seeing materials laid out on a table, they can see how those come together in their space. At GAI, we offer SketchUp Training for Interior Designers.

Using SketchUp Pro 3D modeling and rendering can communicate your designs at a whole new level. When a client is able to see a more clear picture of what you have designed, they are more willing to say yes and support your ideas throughout the process. GA Interior Solutions offers SketchUp Pro training programs that will help you or your team master SketchUp.

Not only will you learn how to use SketchUp Pro, but also learn tips and tricks that will speed up your modeling time, improve the overall look, and help you present your ideas with style.

At GA Interior Solutions, we approach SketchUp training a bit differently than many training tutorials available online.

First, we focus on interior designers. Our training programs are designed and created by an interior designer, which enables us to understand your needs and use of modeling software entirely.

Second, we use a combination of digital and live training sessions that maximize each designers’ learning style. Whether you are a beginner or have some SketchUp training already, we can help take your SketchUp skills to the next level.

Finally, we focus on how you can maximize SketchUp to grow your design business by providing ongoing support, resources, and refresher courses.

Interactive training can help a person learn quicker and retain the skills longer. GAI’s training program meets your needs as an interior designer. No matter what your level, GA Interior Solutions can help you.

Revit SketchUp Training for Interior Designers Denver

As an interior designer and an adjunct instructor, I recognized a significant need for professional development for interior designers after school. In my experience working at several different architectural firms, I was missing the opportunity to advance my career with professional development programs. I realized that as an industry, we need to do a better job of developing our skills and our employees for a stronger future. GA Interior Solutions, LLC. was created to be that training arm for design firms. We focus on helping you expand your professional skills in a way that works for you.

Our SketchUp Training Programs for Interior Designers

SketchUp Digital Course

GA Interior Solutions interactive digital course teaches busy interior design professionals the key principles through online videos, follow-along exercises, and advanced practice exercises. Additionally, we offer live, online demonstrations, and Q&A sessions with an instructor weekly. Through these courses, you will learn at your own pace while having a support channel to answer your pressing questions.

Individual SketchUp Training

Whether starting from the beginning or just need a refresher, GAI can help you master SketchUp Pro. Our individual SketchUp training program is ideal for interior designer offering additional services such as 3D models and photo renderings. Our program includes a mix of video tutorials and one-on-one support.

SketchUp Free Tutorial Library

Our video library of SketchUp tutorials will demonstrate various functions of the software. Intended to help interior designers needing a refresh, these videos are completely free when you sign up. Access to our SketchUp Pro video tutorial library is available anytime, anywhere.

Experience Counts When Finding the Right Training Partner

When time and resources are limited, expanding your knowledge, learning a new software, or training your interior design team can feel overwhelming. Our experienced instructors can help you not only learn SketchUp but give you the ability to apply your new skills immediately.