Learn SketchUp Pro for Interior Designers

Want a sneak peek at our new SketchUp for Beginners Online Course?

We are excited to announce our new online course, "SketchUp for Beginners." This new course includes 6 modules covering everything from getting started with SketchUp Pro to customizing your materials. If you sign up today, you get a sneak peek with free access to Module 1. Our new course will start in June 2021, but you have a chance to check it out sooner.

Module 1 is available for free to anyone who signs up. The entire course will be available on June 15.

In this module, you will learn:

  • How to get started in SketchUp Pro
  • How to navigate
  • How to open, close, and save models
  • How the interface works
  • How to change your views
  • How and why to model using axes
  • Adding tools to your toolbar
  • Get a better understanding of SketchUp’s faces and edges
  • What to do if you lose your face
  • And much more.

Once you sign up, you will receive your access via email.

The "SketchUp for Beginners" online course launches in June 2021.