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GA Interior Solutions supports interior designers with professional training courses and free educational articles and videos. Together, we are building a stronger design community by helping you thrive in today’s ever-changing and competitive world.

GA Interior Solutions was built for interior designers by an interior designer. GAI is eager to help you with valuable content, training and drafting services. Learn more about how we can help you grow your design business. Don’t forget to follow our company on LinkedIn.

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Software Training for Interior Designers

Revit Training for Interior Designers

The interior design industry is quickly shifting from primarily using CAD to requiring Revit. If your design team isn’t trained on Revit, you may be missing out on significant revenue. GA Interior Solutions has several Revit Training Programs for beginners and intermediate skill levels. Our programs are created explicitly for interior designers. If you are considering switching to Revit, the right training partner can ease the burden and support your firm’s transition.

SketchUp Training for Interior Designers

Imagine sitting across from a client, and feeling a bit nervous about the finish samples spread out across the table. Will they get the design concept, see your vision, jump on board. It can feel awkward to share your vision and persuade someone to say yes. With SketchUp Pro, you can help the client visualize how the space is going to feel. Rather than just seeing materials laid out on a table, they can see how those come together in their space. At GAI, we offer SketchUp Training for Interior Designers.

Considering New Potential Revenue Streams for Commercial Interior Designers

Many commercial interior designers were battered over the last year due to the pandemic. The next couple of years will be a time to rebuild and hopefully get back to the levels before the pandemic hit. One way to grow your firm is by finding new revenue opportunities that will generate income and set you apart from your competitors. This article goes into 12 potential revenue streams and evaluating the best option for your interior design firm.

10 Ways an Interior Designer can Improve their Leadership Skills

In my early career years, I thought leadership was given when you had a title. My naïve, inexperienced younger self thought I couldn’t be a leader unless I was given the title. Little did I know that leaders are not automatically developed when a title is given. Leadership is intentional. Good leadership improves employee performance, boosts morale, and increases revenue. In this article, we are covering the importance of leadership along with 10 ways to improve your leadership skills.

The Most Valuable Lesson I Learned About Leading a Creative Team

When I first became a director of marketing, I had managed several people over the years. Throughout, I continued to struggle with giving a project or assignment to someone, and when it came back, it was all wrong. Ugh. I couldn’t understand why the projects weren’t what I wanted. For years, I thought it was the employee’s fault, until one day, as I was sitting at my desk with my head in my hands, it dawned on me to look at the work from a different perspective. What I learned that day completely changed how I managed creative people.

10 Business Referral Avenues to Help Grow an Interior Design Business

Building a professional referral base can be instrumental in growing an interior design firm. The relationships you are building today may very well be your best lead source in two, three, or many more years later. But where do you start, and who is a good business referral opportunity. In this article, we discuss the best business referral avenues for interior designers and tips on reaching those who can help you grow your business.

Free Resources to Help Grow your Interior Design Career

Now Available – Get a Sneak Peek at our New Digital Course for Free

We are giving away the first module of our new course, “SketchUp for Beginners.” This course is ideal for those who want to learn SketchUp or just need a refresher. Module 1 covers the Interface, navigation, views, drawing axes, shortcuts, and faces/edges. This module includes 8 videos plus 3 bonus videos. Sign up today, and you will be on your way to expanding your SketchUp skills.

SketchUp Tips & Tutorials Library

Our video library of SketchUp tutorials will demonstrate various functions of the software. Intended to help interior designers needing a refresh, these videos are completely free when you sign up. Access to our SketchUp Pro video tutorial library is available anytime, anywhere.

Free Revit Digital Course

Our new Revit digital course teaches interior designers how to use the modify tool in Revit. These six video series includes follow-along exercises to enhance your learning. The best part is that it is completely free to the GAI community.

Let GA Interior Solutions Serve You.

Software Training

GAI offers interactive training programs, online or onsite, in Revit and SketchUp. These programs are specifically customized for interior designers and taught by an experienced interior designer and college-level software instructor.

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Drafting Support

From schematic design through construction documents, our experienced team works with designers and architects to ensure drawings are done correctly, precisely and on time.

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Commercial Design

GAI’s experienced interior designers can assist with your project. Whether its new construction or remodel, our training designers will help you with programming, research, selection, and installation.

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