Get a Sneak Peek: SketchUp for Beginners Online Course

We are jumping with excitement around here – well, not literally, as that would be weird. We have been working so hard to create our new “SketchUp for Beginners” online training course for interior designers that we can’t wait to share it with you. We are so excited that we are giving away the first module for free to anyone who signs up on our website.

SketchUp Pro Tutorial: How to Export a Jpeg Image

In this quick video tutorial, I demonstrate how to export Jpegs of your SketchUp Model. Through SketchUp Pro, you can create different views, then export them to a Jpeg. Once you have your images downloaded, you can place them in a presentation or print for presentation boards. Perfect for showing off your designs.

What is branding and Why is it essential for your Interior Design Business

Every semester I lecture and discuss branding with my commercial design students. In my opinion, branding is critical to understand from a company perspective and a client perspective. Unfortunately, most do not know what branding is or how it would affect a business or even design. This article discusses what branding is and how it affects your interior design business.

How to Add Tools to Your SketchUp Pro Toolbar

This SketchUp Video Tutorial discusses the two ways to add tools to your toolbar, as well as demonstrates how to move tools around.

What to Do if You Lose Your Face in SketchUp Pro

One of the most common mistakes SketchUp beginners make is accidentally deleting the face when creating geometry. In this quick educational video, you will learn what to do if you lose your face. It is a quick, easy fix. Plus, I give you three tips to help you with saving a face In SketchUp.

6 Tips on Planning and Achieving Your Interior Design Business Goals

Every year, January 1st comes with the desire for a fresh start. But this year is definitely different. After what many would say was the worst year of their lives, we waked up on New Year’s Day with not just a longing but a need to see the good and possibilities that 2021 may bring. This article explores six tips on planning and achieving your 2021 goals for your interior design business.

How to Add the Large Tool Set

In this educational how-to SketchUp Pro tutorial, you will learn how to add the Large Tool Set, as well as a brief overview of the tools available in the set. The Large Tool Set aligns to your modeling space's left and is convenient for grabbing tools quickly. Using the Large Tool Set can be much faster than going to the top toolbar and using the dropdowns.

How to Fold Geometry in SketchUp Pro for More Masterful Modeling

In this educational how-to SketchUp Pro tutorial, you will learn through a brief demonstration folding geometry to create more masterful models. We added 4 tips to help you become a pro. This intermediate technique is useful for many different designs. We give you 10 ideas on what you can create using the folding geometry technique.

Improving the Customer Experience Reinforces Your Brand

Our recent car buying experience got me thinking about how customer experience impacts purchasing decisions and, ultimately, a company's brand. As an interior designer, the experience you provide your customers reinforces your overall brand and your future revenue potential.

How to Rotate Materials in SketchUp Pro - Quick SketchUp Tutorial and Four tips on Rotating Materials

In this educational how-to SketchUp Pro tutorial, you will learn through a brief demonstration of rotating materials or textures to create the look you want. I also include 4 tips to help you with successfully rotating your materials in SketchUp.

Why Giving Is Essential to Professional Growth

In this article, we discuss why we give, the benefits we receive from giving, and share ideas on how you can give professionally without spending a dime.

How to Place Sections in SketchUp Pro – Quick SketchUp Tutorial and Four More Tips on Sections

In this educational SketchUp tutorial, you will learn how to add your section tools to your SketchUp toolbar, what each tool does, how to use axes to place a section, and how to move a section. Now, this tutorial is brief. This article covers four additional tips to help you even further.

How to Use the Protractor Tool in SketchUp Pro – Free SketchUp Tutorial

In this educational SketchUp tutorial, you will learn how to create diagonal guidelines using the Protractor tool. Ideal for making angles that are not on axes, the protractor can help you create perfect, straight diagonal lines every time.

Returning to Work After Trauma – Five Things that Helped Me

In this article, I discuss the trauma I endured and the five things that helped me get my head back in the business. I share my story hoping that others will feel they are not alone, and I hope what helped me might help someone else.

How to Cultivate a Community on LinkedIn to Drive Design Business

The old adage of it isn’t what you know, but who you know may still feel true in the interior design industry, making it hard for emerging designers and new design firms to find their place. Fortunately, the audience is vast, as are the endless opportunities available to designers. However, knowing how to find, develop, and cultivate a community of potential buyers may be the hardest part of your business.

How to Identify a Target Audience for Increased Profitability

Identifying your target audience isn’t always easy. Yet, most marketing podcasts and courses tell you to start with identify your target audience. Most go on to say that you need to know your audience thoroughly. These marketing sources are entirely correct; however, what happens when you don’t have the foggiest idea of how to go about identifying your audience, let alone understanding them. This article will discuss critical indicators that you need to consider when choosing a target audience.

Why Pay your Interior Design Interns – 5 Reasons you may not have Considered

You may remember when you were a student—the feeling of freedom, independence, and hope. You and your friends were going to conquer the world. You were going to design the most beautiful spaces featured on magazine covers across the globe. It was a fantastic feeling; I can still feel how invisible I felt.

My Best Advice to Interior Design Students is Internship

Toward the end of every semester, interior design students will ask me if they need an internship. My answer is always yes. Here is why internships are so important to interior design students.

Free SketchUp Pro Tutorial: How to Import Materials

I absolutely love SketchUp Pro for its versatility with materials. In this free tutorial, I demonstrate how to add materials or textures to your SketchUp model. This video is ideal for SketchUp Pro beginners.

Free SketchUp Tutorial: How to Create a Scene

Scenes in SketchUp Pro allow you to create different views in your model. This functionality helps you model in several ways. Learn how to add, name, delete, update, and rearrange scenes with this quick video tutorial.

Everything an Interior Designer Needs to Build a Personal Brand

What is your personal brand? Not sure? In this post, we cover what is personal brand, how it is different than your company brand, and how to identify your brand and how to share your brand.

Free SketchUp Tutorial: How to Add, Delete and Combine Tags

SketchUp Pro tags help you organize your model and change visibility as you work through the model. In this free tutorial, interior designers can learn how to add, delete, and combine tags for more efficient modeling.

How to Master 5 More SketchUp Mistakes Designers Make

I recently wrote a blog post on the five most common mistakes SketchUp beginners make when they first start learning the software. As with learning any software, there are common mistakes that we all make as we learn. As an instructor, I have experienced firsthand from my many interior design students the areas they get stuck when learning SketchUp. This list compiles five more common mistakes and how you can master while learning to design in SketchUp. Additionally, I have links to videos tutorials to help you better understand how to avoid these mistakes.

5 Mistakes SketchUp Beginners Make and How to Avoid Them

When first learning SketchUp, or any 3D modeling software for that matter, it can feel a bit overwhelming and frustrating. As I teach more and more students and professionals, I see the same SketchUp mistakes that beginners equally making. These are the things I am sure to over teach within my training programs.

9 Ways to Mentor Interior Designers and Why Mentorship is Important to Our Industry

I have a couple quick questions, were you just born a great interior designer? Probably not. Did you have someone mentor you? Along your career path, you have most like been influenced both good and bad by other designers. The truth is that designers aren’t just born brilliant, nor can design schools teach designers everything to be successful as a designer, which is why it is so important to mentor emerging designers.

Improve Consistency, Minimize Errors, and Improve Collaboration with Revit Rules & Processes

Revit is by far the best drafting and 3D modeling software when it comes to collaboration. Using the central file capabilities, Revit allows multiple interior designers and architects to work in the same file, which adds an enormous amount of efficiencies. However, when you have multiple people working within the same file, you can also have overlap, work style struggles, and frustrations among your Revit users, especially between beginners and advanced users.

How to Create a Company Page on LinkedIn that will Jumpstart your Marketing Efforts

For some of us, social media is a huge entity that we know we need, but not sure why or how.  It can feel very overwhelming. Social media is a great marketing tool for a design business, but where do you start. As I have written before, I liked using LinkedIn for marketing my business for several reasons. The primary reason is I can reach my audience with LinkedIn. In this post, I will show you how to create a company page on LinkedIn that will jump-start your marketing efforts.

Why you Need a LinkedIn Company Page

I have been talking a lot about using LinkedIn to market your design business. The truth is, I love LinkedIn, and I have found a lot of value in promoting my brand and company using LinkedIn. I find my clients are available and willing to connect via LinkedIn whereas in other social channels, it is more of an uphill battle to reach my audience. With that said, I know it can feel overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. In a previous post, I suggested starting with your personal LinkedIn profile. My next suggestion is to start a LinkedIn company page.

9 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Goals Moving Forward

It is January 14, do you know what this means? Many of us have stopped pursuing their New Year’s goals, according to researchers. We had good intentions of starting new habits, meeting new goals or just improving our situation on January 1. Unfortunately, by January 12, life gets in the way, and you lose all motivation. For those who are struggling to continue or need a little help refocusing on the goals you set, I have a few tips that can help you meet your 2020 goals. Nothing hard, I promise.

How I Got Serious about Personal Growth by Starting and Maintaining a Fitness Habit

As the new year is upon us, decorations put away, and we are getting back into our routines, it is time to get serious about our personal growth goals. As interior designers, we tend to worry about everyone else, but not necessarily our personal growth.

8 Steps to Improve your LinkedIn Profile for Lead Generation in Your Design Business

Did you know that 80% of business to business social media leads come from LinkedIn? I bet you just thought LinkedIn was for recruiting. In this post, I am going to show how you can improve your LinkedIn profile so you can grow your design business and convert more connections to opportunities.

How I increased my LinkedIn Connections by 36% with Old Business Cards

Do you have a stack of business cards you have collected from networking events? Are they collecting dust because you have no idea what to do with them? Before you throw them away, I am going to tell you how you can easily and quickly increase your LinkedIn reach using these cards. Here is how I increased my community and reconnected with everyone from vendors to potential customers.